Fairs and Festivals

Around the globe India is renowned as a land of vibrant celebration. The perfect option the experience the amazing culture and life of India is during fairs and festivals. You can see that every city celebrates all the festivals with great enthusiasm and full devotion. In India behind every festival there are several reason based upon rituals, legends, history and traditions. Usually most of the tourist globally gets attracted to these fairs and festivals as it gets you an experience of real India. Often tourists plan there trip as per the Indian fairs and festivals. Major festivals of India are Diwali, Holi, Pushkar mela, Surajkhand mela and many more.

1. Diwali

This is a festival of light which symbolizes the victory of light over darkness. Around the country this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. With the arrival of the festival every one starts cleaning their home whether being a rich or poor person. Every year people in India celebrate this festival on the dark night by doing pooja of Goddess Laxhmi later burst crackers. Usually it is taken as the favorite festival of everyone as it enlightens the soul of each people with the light of purity. This is the day when everyone wears new clothes, exchange sweets and enjoy it together with family and friends.

2. Holi Festival- A Riot of colors

it the festival of colors which symbolizes the victory of good over bad. Before the festival of holi the nature blooms in colors and the surrounding environment becomes colorful. In India this festival is considered as the most boisterous festival. According to the ancient paintings and writings this festival is so pure that it brings even the enemies together. Every part of India celebrates holi in a different manner but the uses of colors are same.

3. Pushkar Fair, Rajasthan- A Kaleidoscopic Array

It is a festival of Rajasthan, during this festival you will come across amazing and most prominent cattle and bathing mela. This festival is celebrated on the day of full moon or Purnima of autumn. It is the best time to enjoy staying in camps and experiencing camp fire and so on. Rajasthan is the land of colours here you will find women with bright colour odini stoles and swaying skirts, besides men with smouldering saffron turbans. For five continuous days this fair is carried on. In this fair you can see buying and selling of livestock on the other hand several other competitions are also held such as bridal competition, matka phod and longest moustache.

4. Nagaur festival

It is a renowned festival of animal fair which is held once in a year. Usually this festival is celebrated in between late January to early February. From Bikaner and Jodhpur is it just few miles away. It is the perfect place to see bargaining between buyers and sellers. This festival gives you a chance to enjoy several games like camel race, tug-of-war and so on which creates a happy environment besides you can also see the amazing sunset.

5. Kerala boat Festival

This one of the most interesting festival of Kerala. It takes place on the great water ways of kerala. Here you can experience eye catching boat races and water carnival which takes place every year where numerous people come to cheer the action. In the week of harvest festival of Onam this snake boat races and water carnival takes place. This festival is considered as one of the most vital festival of Kerala and numerous people from different villages participate in this race. In this boat race all the boat men work in rhythm combining their energies. Firstly the boat is smear with coconut oil with the mind to make the movement smooth.

6. Gangaur Festival

One of the renowned festivals of Rajasthan is Gangaur. Here it is celebrated with great vigor. In this festival all the women pray to Goddess Parvati with the intention to get everlasting marital bliss. Gangur is celebrated during spring with full enthusiasm without the discrimination of rich and poor. With the clay people make idol of Isar and Gauri, sometimes people having old wooden images get it painted. The women put mehandi on their hands and feets as mehandi is considered marital bliss.

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